Drainage Systems

Solving Your Drainage Problems

For more than 20 years Southern Drainage Systems has specialized in providing Drainage Solutions and Erosion Prevention.

Drainage Systems installed right the first time!

What differentiates Southern  Drainage Systems from other companies

Unlike most landscapers that offer drainage systems as a side service, Drainage Systems and Erosion Prevention have been our primary business since the beginning.

  1. The owner is on every job site.
  2. Most companies guess or eyeball slopes, elevations, and measurements or rely on a sump pump when a properly installed gravity system would have worked even better. We use a laser to insure the drainage system we design is pitched perfectly and is an accurate and permanent solution for your property.
  3. Many companies are unfamiliar with proper installation, pipe size and materials for catch basins and/or french drains. They install incorrect pipe with little or no filtration, the pipe becomes blocked with dirt, sand, sticks, leaves or roots. Catch basins wont work correctly for below ground drainage.
  4. We are knowledgeable with all types of drainage systems and will recommend the one that will provide you with the best permanent drainage solution.
  5. We have a long list of satisfied customers and would encourage you to contact several of our references before choosing any drainage contractor.
  6. You take pride in your property and we leave your property neat and clean when the drainage system is complete.

Drainage System Terms & Definitions / Explanations

  • French Drain
    Designed using large perforated underground pipe. A properly designed French Drain will capture both surface water and subsurface water, then pipe to an acceptable area where it is released. We have designed & installed thousands of feet of French Drains. 10-Year Guarantee.
  • Catch Basin
    A structure installed into the ground which has an opening or grate at the top that allows surface water to flow into the basin. We have designed & installed thousands of feed of catch basin drainage systems.
  • Swale
    A groove or recessed area excavated into the ground. We design and install swales to guide water to an acceptable location.
  • Flooding Prevention
    All of our drainage systems are designed to prevent and permanently eliminate flooding.
  • Trench or Channel Drain
    Designed to capture water in driveways, parking lots, walkways, and pool decks.
  • Pool Deck Drain
    Trench or channel drains are designed and installed directly in the pool deck to capture water then guide the water to an acceptable area where it is released. We have designed and installed over 1,000 feet of pool deck drains.
  • Driveway Drain
    See trench or channel drain
  • Re-grading
    Contour the land by hand or using an excavator and/or loader. Re-grading can remove dirt, add dirt, or simply move it to a new location to guide water to an acceptable location.
  • Parking Lot Drainage
    Many types of drainage systems are used for parking lots, including catch basins, underground vaults, spillways, retention ponds, and swales.
  • Downspout Drains
    Downspouts are connected directly to the underground drainage system we design for you.
  • Erosion Prevention
    Retaining walls, gabeons, drainage systems, swales, re-grading, and geo mats can all prevent, reduce, or eliminate erosion.
Residential Drainage System

Residential Drainage System

Catch Basins & Pipe

Catch Basins & Pipe

Swale - after

Swale – after

Swale - before

Swale – before

Swale - 300 ft.

Swale – 300 ft.

French Drain - After

French Drain – After

French Drain - During

French Drain – During

Parking Lot Drainage - After

Parking Lot Drainage – After

Parking Lot Drainage - During

Parking Lot Drainage – During

Parking Lot Drainage - Begining

Parking Lot Drainage – Beginning

Spillway - After

Spillway – After

Spillway - During

Spillway – During


Pool Deck - After

Pool Deck – After

Pool Deck - Before

Pool Deck – Before

Driveway - channel drain (After)

Driveway – channel drain (After)

Driveway - During

Driveway – During

Driveway - Before

Driveway – Before

Drainage pipe thru seawall

Drainage pipe 6″, thru seawall.

Drainage pipe and catch basins. No more water in the house.

Using the Laser on a Drainage project.

Double 6″ pipe, set with laser.